Breeches bouy rescue - film

15th February 2010, 18:37
On March 1st this year we hope to remember the rescue of the crew of the trawler Shackleton off Rathlin Island , this will be the eightieth anniversary and one remaining member of the rescue team will host the event. zoxOiI3Ijt9&pg=6006

I vagely remember a black and white film of an actual breeches bouy rescue similar to the one carried out on Rathlin , I would like to show this film to the audience as part of the days events.

Anyone here know of such a film ?

15th February 2010, 21:31
There was a film made by the RNLI of the rescue of the crew from the fishing boat Ben Barvis that went ashore on the Pentland Skerries many years ago. It showed the Breaches buoy being used.

15th February 2010, 22:09
Thanks but ,
This was more of a remake , true story but reinacted.
The rescuers spent all day and night getting to the scene and carrying out the rescue.