Campaign to save WWII paddle boat (BBC News)

SN NewsCaster
16th February 2010, 10:40
A campaign is started to save a passenger paddle steamer which served troops during WWII but has been left to rot away.

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16th February 2010, 15:36
So, the Beeb is on the bandwaggon for a Ryde!

16th February 2010, 17:08
looks like the old girl is too far gone, a shame but it would cost millions to get her back to a reasonable state as a static ship, i hear medway queen is only going to be static afer having a new hull constructed, its a pity these ships are not preserved when they finish sevice, rather than left to rot for years then try to preserve them, they are not safe even when entrusted to the national maritime museum, ships given to them in complete working condition an entrusted for safe keeping to the nation are secretely cut up and disposed of, the paddle tug reliance, and in there infinite wisdom put more importance of a complete gallery of plaster casts of wave patterns in the sand, the tug reliance was a centre piece attraction with paddle wheels in motion, i thought that was what a maritime museum was about, i think the paddle tug in care of medway maritime trust will have better luck, i hope this paddler can be saved but it would take a miracle.