Olwen 1981

the brit
16th February 2010, 22:02
Back in '81 we were way up north above arctic circle looking at a new kiev class russian ship we were not entirely welcome, no manners those russians, we had a Maltese 2nd cook small and chubby, well at 3 in the morning he would come knocking at all the galley staffs cabin doors and telling us it's time to turn to, it was difficult to try and get him to understand that we were so far up north that it was pretty much daylight all day at this time of the year does anyone know of his name. he was a great little guy and a pleasure to work with but his name i cannot remember for the life of me. Any help would be welcome, thanks.

21st February 2010, 09:30
My memory may be playing tricks on me but might it have been Willie Ronayne?

the brit
21st February 2010, 18:45
well purser52 your memory is great, yes that was him willie ronayne, now was the chief cook charlie mcvickar we did have the PO(C) john phillips but he died. i think it was lisbon or madeira where willie went ashore and came back with umpteen cases of wine or something my memory fades me these days. thanks again purser52.

29th February 2012, 22:21
Hi my names bertie-was on the olwen 79/80,there was also a maltese storeman named joe-he was small an round.I was deckboy at the time,Robbie,bosun was stevie duncan.Good times.