Ships Monthly

21st October 2005, 15:18
I buy Ships Monthly as and when, although lately it has been regular. Coincidentally two recent issues have produced images of old shipmates. The September edition which featured Calmac ferries showed Ian Walker with whom I sailed on Northern Star in 1973/4.We were both 3rd Officers. He is now master of Caledonian Isles. The Irish ferries section in the current November edition shows Michael Wright who is master of Ulysses. He was a Deck Apprentice on British Industry in 1969/70 and I was 3rd mate. So if you visit this web site gents - nice to see where you have got over the years!

21st October 2005, 15:31
Will pass on your regards to Michael Wright on ULYSSES. We speak to the ship at least four times daily.

21st October 2005, 15:39

Thanks for that. I saw his photo and even after all the years and grey hair, there was something familiar. I kept a log book of ships , names and places. The other Apprentice with him on the British Industry was Brian Kay. That may jog his memory.


Will pass on your regards to Michael Wright on ULYSSES. We speak to the ship at least four times daily.

21st October 2005, 23:03

No problem. Will talk to ULYSSES and let you know the result. (Thumb)

23rd October 2005, 15:51

Capt Wright is on leave at the moment. The skipper I spoke to says that it must have been a loooooong time ago if you sailed with Capt Wright as an apprentice! He also said you must have a good memory! I have programmed my electronic brain to remind my to call ULYSSES in a couple of weeks. (Thumb)

1st November 2005, 19:43

The electronic brain worked.

Spoke to Captain Wright today. He remembers you well and his fellow apprentice, Brian Kay. He really appreciated your comments about greying hair though! In spite of that, he asked me to pass on his regards. (Applause)

1st November 2005, 20:46
Thanks for that. He remembers me well, is significant!? I have just found a pic of Brian Kay standing alongside British Industry at Gib, but no Cadet Wright! It was a bad trip on the Industry from what I remember - nasty storms, crew trouble, strange captains. Aaah memories!!

9th May 2006, 13:08
does somone know if SM can I buy in the Wiena? And where?

Tony Selman
9th May 2006, 13:38
Emil, Ships Monthly has a subscription service which posts the magazine to Europe. You can find the details on their website here:-

I hope this helps

14th May 2006, 20:19
I do find some pieces of news in SM are a few months old. For instance in the latest issue they had a piece of news about the QM2 and QM meeting in California. But that was back in February!!!

Paul UK
15th May 2006, 15:44
Article in this months by our Mr Pottinger I belive.


Ward Breed
6th July 2006, 18:49
I have many 'Ships Monthly' editions all around 1978 - 1980. How many similar stories as that narrated above abound therein.

I have beside me the August 1978 issue. Just selected at random. The front cover is a painting of a paddle steamer 'Maid of the Loch' at Balloch Pier, prior to a morning cruise around Loch Lomond. Inside front cover is a photo of H.M.S Wilton, Pennant M1116. (she had a glass reinforced plastic hull). The frontispiece is the general cargo carrier M.V. Opobo, ex Rhexenor, ex Maron, Blue Funnel Line. The inside back cover is a photo of HMS 'Bramble' An 'Algerine' class minesweeper. Completed in 1945 and scrapped at Gateshead in 1961.

There is a feature 'Where are they now'; once familier R.N ships sold to or taken over by other countries. Another; 'Hanseatic' Hamburg. A short history of the post war German Atlantic Line. All these features with photos of course.

My favourite feature of this issue is undoubtedly, 'More Memories of Port Said' by Monica Smith, whose account of her young life in Port Said between the wars must be unique. A wonderful narrative accompanied by Photos of the famous German Cruiser 'Emden' at Port Said; the Blue Funnel Line's 'Menestheus' in the Suez Canal; the massive 'Aquitaniia' almost in silhouette, arriving in Port Said; Monica and a friend, standing at the Canal edge with a tanker, and the beautiful 'Arandora Star' in the background. A sectional photo of the P & O liner 'Comorin', (taken from Monica's balcony) and a small photo ot the 'Comorin' departing from Port Said. As a postscript to this, the September 1980 issue shows a Mr Young and his family standing on the quay at Port Sudan, in May 1931, with the P & O 'Chitral' towering in the backround. As the youngsters of today would say, 'absolute magic'. Why it appeals to me, I stood on that canal bank and on the quays of Port Said in the early fifties.

In the 'Ships Sales/ to breakers/Casualties section, heartbreaking captions under photos of the 'Bengloe' (sold for demolition at Hong Kong) and (this one really hurt), photo of the British Turbine steamer 'Auckland Star', (sold to breakers in Pakistan). There is so much more to absorb, but one cannot go on forever. In August, 1978, I paid just 45p. To me, and all those other I have that go with it, it is a treasure. Did we not take all these ships for granted!

All the many copies I have contain so many great features, superb photos and records of ships from their launch to their sending to the scrapyards.
I am now going to search through my 'Ships Monthly' for a 1939 photograph of my favourite ship; the twin funnelled 'Rangitata' in the Royal Docks. I saw and worked around that ship so many times. What is good about that photo is the 'dock' activities going on around her.


8th July 2006, 19:32
...for a 1939 photograph of my favourite ship; the twin funnelled 'Rangitata' in the Royal Docks. I saw and worked around that ship so many times. What is good about that photo is the 'dock' activities going on around her.Ward

Hello, Ward ~ I have in my possession a 1953 photograph of the Rangitata's older sister, the Rangitiki, taken at London docks. I'd be happy to forward a copy to you once I get my scanner up and running again, should this picture be of any interest to you. Also, if you navigate through to the RMS Rangitata page on you will come across an outstanding colour shot of the Rangitata bunkering in (I believe) Curacao. You'll find the link on The Younger Sisters page.

Best regards,


Ward Breed
8th July 2006, 20:20
Hello Richard,

I was first involved on the Port of London in 1947, and in the Royal Group of Docks, March 1950. The first ship I was assigned to in the documentation process was the magnificent, twin funnelled N.Z.S.Co. 'Rangitata'. (usually discharge of frozen lamb, wool, dairy products, etc, at 29-33 Sheds and the loading of exports at 23 or 25/7 Sheds). That's why I had a special affection for her, as I did with her sister, the 'Rangitiki'. I'm sure that at this time, I was aware of the single funnelled 'newie' the 'Rangitoto'. Later, of course, the twin-funnellers were replaced with the single funnelled, Rangitata and Rangitiki. From the 'romance' of it all, those twin funnellers had a special magic about them and the Royal Albert Dock was never the same once they had gone. I believe that it was the twin-funnelled 'Rangitoto' that succumbed to enemy action during WW2. That would account for the fact that only ever saw the two twin-funnellers.

Thanks for your offer. I will come back to you later. In the meantime, if any of the back copies of the Ships Monthly that I hold, are of any special interest, please let me know and we will see what we can do.

Thanks for the website details, the pleasure of surfing that now awaits me.

Thanks for the memories