Maritime Fruit ships

21st October 2005, 15:30
I am trying to determine which Cunarders are still in existence and I am having some trouble with the ex-maritime Fruit reefers, namely
Andania, Alsatia,Servia, Andria, Carmania, Scythia, Samaria and Saxonia, all built in 1971-73.
Any information on their final fate or current status will be appreciated!

21st October 2005, 17:08
ANDANIA sister of ALAUNIA British built 1960 ,ANDANIA -69-MACHARDA-71-HUMI MAIS-73-JUNGJIAN-75-and finally HONG Q1 No 107.

22nd October 2005, 10:24
Thanks tanker but you refer to the 1960b-built freighter Andania, while I look for the 1972-built reefer

22nd October 2005, 12:13
You may find the following website helpful in tracking them down.

Ray Charlton

22nd October 2005, 13:49
Ahoy Aristo,
You mean this Andania? If so, she's layed up at Alang in 1995 for scrap.
IMO Nr: 7224629

Ships type: Refrigerated Cargo

M/V BANANA PLANTER ex. M/V BALMAR ex. M/V EUROPA FREEZER ex. M/V GLASGOW CLIPPER ex. M/V NETWORK STORK ex. M/V PACIFICO M/V ANDANIA byggd vid Smith´s Dock Ltd., Middlesbrough, England 1972 som nybygge 1320. Hon var utrustad med en 9 cylinder 2-takt enkelverkande Sulzer 9RND68 som utvecklade 14,850 Bhp. (10,923 kW) byggd vid G. Clark & N.E.M. Ltd., Wallsend, England. Såld för skrotning, hon anlände till Virat Shipbreaking Corp., Port Alang, Indien den 29 April 1995 för upphuggning.

Length Over All140.75 Beam 18.04 Depth 9.04 Gross Tonnage6,692Net. Registered Tonnage3,770Deadweight Tonnage8,348

22nd October 2005, 19:56
Yes thats the one! is a good source for information but it stops tracking the ships after their sale to another owner.

23rd October 2005, 10:02
Aristo see this for help: ALSATIA last name BANANA REEFER--ANDRIA last name FRIO HAMBURG--CARMANIA last name PERSEUS--SAMARIA last name
SERVIA last name KASTORA. i hope is an help for you.

Manfred Faude
23rd October 2005, 14:54
Seemed to be, that Andania had a lot of sisters (Drammen Type), some had been sold the the former German Democratic Republic fleet, running there reefer services under the names of Heinrich Heine and Theodor Koerner built by Framnaes, Sandefjord.

23rd October 2005, 15:04
I sailed on the Andania as RO on the first trip after taking over the vessel from Maritime Fruit in 1977. What a mess! We stripped out the officer's lounge/bar and asked the company to supply new furniture, which they did. All historic paperwork, machinery records and many manuals had been destroyed and it took a week just to clean up the accommodation.

An interesting ship though. From what I remember, the Andania was originally designed by the Israelis (Zim Line?) and the hull and engine built in Israel but sold on to other interests prior to completion. She had strengthened f'cstle and poop decks to enable her to be fitted with guns if needed. A very racey (and tender- it rolled on wet grass) hull and oversized engine (can't remember the type) gave her a service speed of about 20kts but we reckoned flat out she would do about 26. I know reefer ships need to be pretty fast, but then so do destroyers!!

Anyone got any pictures of her?


23rd October 2005, 16:00
Ahoy Malcolm,

Here a stern view of her.

This should give you a "memory" as R/O (

Marcus Cardew
29th October 2005, 13:26
Hi Ruud,
I think that the picture you put up is of the Radio Room of the S/S Andania, built in the 50's and was the Machard when I was on here in December 1970....

29th October 2005, 14:28
The stern view is on the website clydesite etc.

David Wilcockson
30th October 2005, 09:42
Tend to agree with you about dual purpose of these reefer vessels as I seem to remember I picked up on that story back in the `70`s & never heard it refuted. Guess we will never know for sure now just what was truth & what was fiction, or whether it was an Israelis subtifuge to confuse the enemy!!!

14th November 2005, 20:45

In another Forum the question is asked what RO's do. Well one of the things I did at one time was type out useless lists, sad chap that I am. I attach one list I made of the Alsatia's Data which I think should be pretty close to the Andania. I will post some pictures of the Alsatia as well in a minute.

I also heard the story of the reinforcing. I can certainly say that the focsle was very solid.

I remember we had genny problems this trip and we lost the cargo in two hatches. We had to dump some of them at sea. I still remember the smell and feel of over-ripe (runny liquid stage) bananas as we scated around the focsle heaving boxes over the side. It was years before I ate a banana again.


Tony Breach
8th August 2006, 12:33
The full histories of all the Cunard reefers are recorded in Ships in Focus Record 28.

The Standard Clippers of Cunard "A" class were all built at Middlesborough. Other UK companies which had clippers were IFR with Standards all with the CLIPPER names, Federal with 4 Supers of the WILD "F"s & "G"s, Blue Star with the 2 Standards "T"s,
Kaplana (W.Bruns) with SALINAS a Standard & Marshtrim & Mainquill with the 2 Standards KINGS.

No ships were built in Israel.

The only ships with a focsle strengthened for a gun mounting were the Standard Cores, Group A: LEMONCORE, BANANACORE, MANGOCORE & AVOCADOCORE. These ships had no hatch coamings at No.4, the covers were flush-fitting to provide a helipad.

Cunard did not have any Standard Cores. The 2 Cunard "C" ships were Super Cores.
Other UK companies with Super Core variants were Blue Star with 6 "A" class, Geest with 2 GEESTBAY (2) class & Federal with 2 modified Standards as WILD "A"s.

The 4 Cunard "S" ships were Queen Cores.

The totals of classes built:
Pre Clippers: 2
Standard Clippers: 22
Super Clippers: 16

Standard Cores Group A: 2
Standard Cores Group B: 12
Super Cores: 8
Super Cores Blue Star Variant: 6
Super Cores Geest Variant: 2
Queen Core: 4

All ships had their design origins in Norway.

Ron Stringer
9th August 2006, 11:55
Hi Ruud,
I think that the picture you put up is of the Radio Room of the S/S Andania, built in the 50's and was the Machard when I was on here in December 1970....

That radio room is definitely of 1950s vintage, with the Oceanspan transmitter and the Mercury/Electra receiver combination. By the time the Maritime Fruit vessels were built, things had moved on a little.


Peter Eccleson
10th August 2006, 09:37
Hi guys. Lots of useful information. Does anyone have any photo's of the ships in Cunard colours? There is a shot of Saxonia on one of the galleries - but others seem conspicous by their absence. Lots of people refer to the original (albeit more infamous) previous vessels under those names.


Tony Breach
10th August 2006, 20:59
Hi Pete,

The article in Ships in Focus has 21 excellent photos of these ladies & a very complete history of each one. Not too expensive either!


20th October 2006, 04:30
I remember Cunard fruit ships doing a Chilean run into Holt Marine Terminal, Gloucester City NJ late 70's for one year and I may have some pictures as I always carried a camera while "working" the waterfront inspecting fruit on the pier. I'll check by archives for you all. Now to remember their names <g>.

28th February 2007, 13:19
Stuart, Was the Alsatia the Edinburgh Clipper beforehand, if so wouldn't mind seeing a photo, I was R/O on the Edinburgh Clipper in 1976. Thanks.

2nd March 2007, 11:13
Stuart, Was the Alsatia the Edinburgh Clipper beforehand, if so wouldn't mind seeing a photo, I was R/O on the Edinburgh Clipper in 1976. Thanks.
Tom, Indeed 'Alsatia' was the 'Edinburgh Clipper'. Will dig out a photo of her for you. Was on the 'Glasgow Clipper' (3/O) when you were on Ed. Were you with UME at that time?
Regards, Dennis.

7th March 2007, 21:24
Good news about the Edinburgh Clipper. Yes I was with UME, a Mr Baker from Croydon ran that outfit in London, ended up on some great ships with UME and great ports. Turbo in Colombia was an education. WE got back to Rouen and the banana cargo had spoiled so the ship was detained for many days until insurers paid out. Be good to see a photo of her in her day if you can dig it out. My camera broke on that trip and I have no photos.

19th August 2007, 21:46
Two photo links below to show you have to take the rough with the smooth !!


John Paul
22nd August 2007, 22:16
MV Andania.
I also sailed on her on the first trip under Cunard as 2/Eng.
Found the plant to be very interesting to operate but very hot and everything suffered,generators could not carry full load and main engine power reduced due to overheating at times but on the whole a great job with a good bunch of lads all round. A book could be written about faults that occurred and things that fell off and how they were put back together.
I have fond memories of my trips onboard this and other ex IFR ahips

John Ringrose
5th June 2008, 12:34
I have only just joined the site so very late to reply.

I was sent to the Orchidea when she was bought from MFC. We sailed them to Falmouth from the Black Water - whilst still with their old names. There were three of them down in Falmouth in dry dock. Charlie Pratt was on the Iris Queen I can't remember the other one - I think it may have been the Orange. I know we had the usual party whilst in Falmouth and the nurses and BT Operators turned up and we had to summon everyone from the other ships to make up the numbers.

29th August 2008, 10:30
Hi evryone, I'm new to this forum and this is my first post.
I sailed on the last voyage of the Edinbrugh Clipper, as one of the two electricians, before she was bought by Cunard in 1976.
If my memory serves me well we sailed from Long Beach with Citrus for Europe, Le Havre, Bremmerhaven and Helsingborg.
Because of the financial situation we could not buy bunkers or stores at Panama so we sailed with what we had. The trip accross the "Pond" was marked by many main engine breakdowns, mainly fuel problems. Food was also running low.
As we crossed our discharge ports were crossed off one by one. Our final destination was Helsingborg. Before we were fully tied up deisel was being pumped onboard to keep the "gennys" going and save the Citruc cargo. I can confirm they were bad vessels for rolling even in the slightest sea, and were very difficult to keep upright too.
I also sailed in the Orchedia for IFR. Presently trying to find out what happened to the old IFR ships after Cunard & Blue Star any help would be appreciated.
I did not join Cunard with the vessel. I then went back to the "Pool" and worked for Bowring Steamships of London on Bulkers.

29th August 2008, 19:07
Greetings Coolman and welcome to SN on your first posting to the site. Enjoy what you see and thanks for signing on .Bon voyage.

uisdean mor
28th November 2008, 23:36
Sailed as freezer on Scythia and Samaria.
Colours were not Cunard as chartered through complex arrangements (financial) to SALEN of Sweden- dark blue funnel with single large white S .
Usual caribbean runs into Europe with occassional runs into east coast US.
Good hard working ships which needed to be kept on top off. I was working freezer just to get some chiefs time in and was glad to help out the others as exhaust valves were problem as were generators. Others quoted here refer to 20 knot possibilities - we regularly ran loaded at around 23 - 24 knots for Monday morning tide for Antwerp. As before hard working but happy ships and did a dry dock in Antwerp on Scythia I think.

17th June 2009, 17:28
Hi Coolman, nice to meet an ex-Edinburgh Clipper chap. I sailed on her in 1976, we sailed from the continent did a few banana runs from Caribbean back to Rouen. Then back across to Central america, Long beach and over to Japan and Hong Kong. I paid off in Yokohama in Dec '76. So perhaps we met, I was the R/O, Irish R/O. Tom. Any memories?

18th June 2009, 13:56
As a former Maritime Group Employee I can say that Tony Breach has it right. Member's have to remember what was going on in the Middle East at the time, the 4 Core's and indeed other vessel's that were built for the Maritime Group which had what could be termed "modifications" were built. Israel was/is no different to other Countries including U.K. when it came/comes to giving grant's used as down payments for building Merchant Ships in regards to the Vessel's being "Dual Purpose". MFC grew very quickly (which meant promotion was very rapid) unfortunatly it's demise was even quicker. While it lasted it was a good company to work for as long as you adopted a "flexible" approach to where you were sent and on which ship, because of the discontent of some crew's not being paid and the way some of the ship's were arrested paperwork was liable to go "missing". If I remember correctly Salen were one of the parties blamed for the demise of MFC and Cunard picked up some superb ships at a knock down price although as I understand it took some time to get them back "on line" after a period of lay up for which I don't think they were prepared due to the rapid decline of MFC and the crew's being removed/removing themselves pretty sharpish.