New Cruise Ship has its own brewery on board

fred henderson
25th February 2010, 19:07
One of the features in the latest AIDA German Clubship is its own brewery:

It will be German beer of course, but this could be a way to implant the national identity of future cruise ships; Amstel on Holland America; real ale on P&O; Forst 1857 on Costa; etc. I am sure that Members can provide suggestions for the other cruise lines.(Pint)

Pat Thompson
25th February 2010, 19:32

Newcastle Broon on the South Shields Ferry???

Ron Stringer
25th February 2010, 19:37
That trumps a ship's bar anyday.

25th February 2010, 21:49
Be afraid, be very hungover.
Whilst at Hull College of Technology studying my C&G 74-76. The Hofbrau Haus in Hull brewed its own beer from concentrate, took about 4 days to ferment before sold to the unsuspecting public then a week to clear the head ache. By which time we had forgotten how bad it was so went back again.

Peter Smith
Bank Line 74-84