Which ports did the POMMERN discharge at in the 1930s?

Andrew Craig-Bennett
28th February 2010, 18:08
The reason for this slightly odd question is a bit of anorakery to do with Arthur Ransome's children's books.

In one of them, "We Didn't Mean to Go To Sea", the Erikson barque POMMERN appears under tow to seaward from Harwich.

These ships, lacking radio, naturally made Falmouth for orders, then discharged their cargo of Australian wheat at a UK port (Empire preference tariff applying!)

There is a photo of her in the Royals in 1933 and in Ipswich in 1936 and her last voyage before becoming a museum ship was from Hull to Mariehamm in 1939.

Can anyone fill in the missing years?

4th March 2010, 15:41
Well here she is at Cork, so that's one port:http://www.shipsnostalgia.com/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=136108
One could leaf through all the "Signal Station: movements" pages in prewar See Breezes, and there's also "Windjammers the Final Epoch" by A. A. Hurst, who sailed in her.
A Swede, Björn O. Svensson, has made a book on her, "Pommern," for the Maritime Museum in Mariehamn, that is likely to be had in an English edition from them, and not unlikely to contain the searched for information.

I'll see if something can be dug out with a bit of ease.

4th March 2010, 15:51
My Grandfather was a checker (he marked off the number of bags as they were unloaded) with one of the 'gangs' that were employed to unload the windjammers in Butterman's Bay in the River Orwell. The gangs used to be 'recruited' in Harwich and taken by boat to the Bay. I think I am right in saying that the unloading was then completed at Ipswich.
Perhaps I shouldn't say this but I still enjoy an occasional read of "We didn't mean to go to sea!"

Andrew Craig-Bennett
4th March 2010, 16:48
Excellent stuff; thanks, chaps!

Andrew Craig-Bennett
4th March 2010, 17:31
That's amazing!

Thank you very much.

She was not so slow as she looks!

4th March 2010, 17:48
1929, Liverpool
1930, Glasgow
1931, Cork
1932, Glasgow.
1933, London.
1934, Hull.
1935, London
1936, Ipswich
1937, London
1938, Belfast
1939, Hull

In 1927 and 28 she was in the West Coast (Chile) trade, I have not checked earlier years.

I see one posting that I deleted, containing passage times, has been commented. I startet out checking See Breezes and then found out that Hurst had a table showing Australian trade passages for every year, which demanded much less search work - so I started anew.

Andrew Craig-Bennett
8th March 2010, 14:56
Thank you very much for that research. Most helpful for what I need!


9th March 2010, 11:27
Some passages here: http://www.bruzelius.info/Nautica/Ships/Fourmast_ships/Mneme(1903).html

Andrew Craig-Bennett
10th March 2010, 10:22

Thanks very much.