Hello from Germany

1st March 2010, 08:13
Why not introduce myself in the "Say Hello" forum?

Good question. Here I am!

My first touch with ocean liners was the first movie about the dropped liner "Poseidon". I was really excited about this huge "boat" (I'm livin near the river "Main", and all I have seen before this movie are the small tugs for river shipping).

Then I decided to get more informations about really big ships and I found lots of information about a ship, called H.M.S. TITANIC. And since then I was infected with the TITANIC-virus.

I've collected pictures, construction details and informations as much as I could. Also I've started assembling a TITANIC model, but according to my work, my family, other hoobies and lots of friends this model lies uncompleted in a corner of my cellar.
But when my kids have grown a little bit, I will start completion again.

Have a nice week all together!

bert thompson
1st March 2010, 08:48
AlterSack welcome to this great site
Best wishes

1st March 2010, 09:47
Greetings AlterSack and welcome to SN on your first posting. Bon voyage.

Frank P
1st March 2010, 09:54
Welcome onboard Altersack, enjoy the site and I hope that you finish your model.
Mfg Frank. (Thumb)

K urgess
1st March 2010, 11:24
A belated welcome aboard from northern England, Altersack.
You seem to have found your way around and got to know the crew.
Enjoy the rest of the voyage.

Derek Roger
1st March 2010, 16:53
Welcome from Canada . Enjoy the site. Cheers Derek

1st March 2010, 19:03
Welcome from Lancashire - I hope you will enjoy the site.

1st March 2010, 19:21
Schöne Grüße aus Amerika - Viel Spaß auf diesem Website!!!

1st March 2010, 23:29
Welcome aboard from the Philippines. Enjoy all this great site has to offer