SS Brilliant Star

1st March 2010, 09:50
Clutching at straws here! does anyone have any information or pictures of the above deep sea tug from the late 1800's. One of my ancstors was the ships captain and I would like to know more if anyone can help please?

1st March 2010, 10:15
If this is the one your after there is a picture, a paddle tug at on what your you require the Crew agreements should be in the NUM canada

There are also a few in the TNA Kew


1st March 2010, 10:38
J. Readhead, Shipbuilders of South Shields, Tyneside, built a tug (308 tons) in 1876 for R. Strong & others, their yard No. 120, Official Number 76388. She was broken up in 1906. I wonder if this could be what you are looking for ?

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