MV Sagamore

1st March 2010, 11:22
Just dropped by to say hello. Spent 5 happy years with Furness Withy from 1959 to 1964. Sailed on Sagamore, Norman Prince, Pinemore and Western Prince ( Manchester Trader)

Pat Snee

1st March 2010, 12:11
Greetings Pat and welcome to SN from south of the border. Bon voyage.

K urgess
1st March 2010, 13:27
Welcome aboard from East Yorkshire, Pat.
Find your way around and get to know the crew.
Have a good voyage.

bert thompson
1st March 2010, 20:43
Welcome Pat to this great site
Best wishes

1st March 2010, 21:55
Welcome aboard from the Philippines. Enjoy all this great site has to offer

Keltic Star
2nd March 2010, 04:46
Welcome aboard Pat. I sailed on the Western Prince, '61 & '62. Bert Stephens was Master, Jimmy Grey C/O, Mike Bowen 2/O, Tommy Adams C/E and Jimmy Pinder was Chief Steward. What a great crew and a very happy ship despite the run.

8th March 2010, 00:08
Hi! Pat and All,

This is my first post --- sailed as an apprentice on the Sagamore in 1959. Did several trips - Wabana, Newfoundland, Seven Islands, Quebec, Philadelphia, Bone, Algeria, Casablanca, Morocco, La Goulette in Tunisia, Monrovia, Liberia, Oxelesund in Sweden, and Narvik, Norway. Half speed most of the time with such a quick turn around, I didn't get home once in 8 months. Finally paid off when she was laid up. Most memorable moments when the first mate slipped a disc singing "Frankie & Johnnie" at a Christmas party in Oxelesund, and the 2nd. steward getting washed with a deluge from his open port- across his cabin into the alleyway when we were stopped for engine repairs off the Grand Banks and she took an unusual roll which brough water up to the fish plate on the poop.



8th March 2010, 00:11
Hi! Again,

Sailed on the Pinemore also - one of the first ships up the new St. Lawrence seaway when it first opened. Had a TV crew aboard from Chicago.



8th March 2010, 18:37
Welcome from Lancashire - I hope you will enjoy the site.

8th March 2010, 20:15
Welcome onboard to SN and enjoy the voyage

michael charters
15th July 2010, 03:01
Welcome spent some time on SAGAMORE. good ship low in the water when laden.
Now use her as razor blades.

Alexander McVitie
17th November 2012, 18:46
Hi I also spent happy times with Furness sailed Edenmore PInemore Stuart Prince Scottish Prince left to join Chine Shipping Company, always met a good crowd of lads.

17th November 2012, 20:37
HI Pat did five trips on the Sagamore late 1964 great crowd good accommodation very good feeder went through the Kiel canal outward bound to most of the ports mentioned very little time in port being a ore carrier recall some very bad weather in the western when fully loaded but realy enjoyed the experience. reguards Kypros

17th November 2012, 21:15
Sagamore and similar sister Edenmore may not have been anything special to look at but as plodders they were some of the more reliable to predict for voyage estimating.....Once I planned Sagamore from Wabana into the Clyde some three months in advance and she arrived exactly to the day...........that was the exception rather than the those who sailed on our Ore Carriers will remember orders were often changed before/during/after.....