Esso Cardiff

1st March 2010, 14:10
Hello everyone,

I want to ask if maybe sons of Bill Bailey (who was on the esso cardiff in 1963) are sailing today? Somethimes you read that the love for the ocean goes from father to sun. Bill Bailey is my father but his wife doesn't want me to meet my sister and brothers. I am a nobody to her, but I was born out of love and my mother didn't knew better than that the divorce papers where on the way. (otherwise she would never have got a relation with my father) He wanted to get away from his wife. Only at the moment he got the message that his doughter (in england) had MS (multiple sclerose) my mother send him back to take care of her. She always said " he is with the never come back line" but did help me when I wanted to see my father. I have seen him one time (for two hours, more time he didn't have) and that is already almost 30 years ago. I would like to know how it is with my brothers and sister, because there is one thing i did learn from that visit and that is that he had a brother who had children with epilepsy. (I to have epilepsy, very severe) I would like to know if there is any family in falmouth (that is where he lived) and maybe just maybe they want to see me to, because they do not know of my excistance, and a little voice keeps saying how it would be if they did know of me and maybe we can have a good time together?