Ships sunk in Liverpool port 1939-41

1st March 2010, 17:01
Hi all!

Do you know names and cargoes of ships sunk and damaged in Liverpool port.

With regard Ladislav

stan mayes
1st March 2010, 18:13
Hi Ladislav,
In 1941 I was in Adula of Anglo Saxon Petroleum Co and as we sailed up the Mersey for Stanlow we passed two sunken ships.
They had been sunk by parachute mines on night of 13 March 1941.
They were between Liverpool and Birkenhead in mid river.
Tacoma City - four crew killed.
Ullapool - 15 crew killed.

charles henry
2nd March 2010, 14:45
During one of the big assaults when most of the Liverpool docks were ablase a tug came along and towed us our of the harbour. Forget the name of the ship.

de chas

16th July 2010, 13:46
I am surprised to note that nobody has mentioned "Malakand" , loading munitions in Huskisson dock no 2 in May 1941, she was bombed during a night raid and blew up after a fire that had got beyond control , the explosions were heard for many miles around and various parts of the ship were found miles from the scene .I heard these loud bangs from the safety of the family air raid shelter 2 miles away where my mother protecting her 5 children lay on top of us -praying loudly for this to stop .
The dock was wrecked too and later filled in .
Peter, (Peggy747)

Thats another Story
16th July 2010, 15:19
peter as the story goes the anchor landed on everton brow all munitions were loaded and unloaded at the Mersey bar after that incident.

Steve Hodges
14th May 2013, 12:56
With reference to the "Malakand" explosion, my father was in the Auxiliary Fire Service during WW2. He was based in Wolverhampton but they got sent wherever the bombing had taken place, and he told me that they were in Liverpool docks during the May blitz when "an ammunition ship" exploded, which must have been the "Malakand". It was a long time ago that he told me, but I'm sure he said that the ship had been pulled into the centre of the dock to try to avoid fires in the dockside warehouses. Anyone know if this was normal practice during an air-raid, or just in particularly dangerous circumstances? My dad didn't tell me just how close he was when she went up, but if he knew this detail then maybe he was not too far away. Could explain why his hearing was pretty bad in later life too.