Cunard Adventurer Kisses Carla C

24th October 2005, 11:46
One fine Saturday morning whilst berthing in San Juan, Cunard Adventurer's vari-pitch props get "stuck" in "Ahead" and neatly disembowel the starboard promenade deck of the already berthed "Carla C". Not content with removing a good deal of plating from the side of the unfortunate and blameless vessel, when Adventurer finally managed to go astern it dragged the disembarking passenger's baggage out of the promenade deck where it had been stowed and neatly deposited it in San Juan harbour. (1) Cunard Adventurer in San Juan with "Amerikanis" and "Carla C". (2) Starboard promenade deck of "Carla C". (3) Cunard Adventurer gets a "nose job" in drydock in Curacao.