Largs Bay renamed?

3rd March 2010, 02:16
I saw this in the International Express last week. Largs Bay renamed HMS Clyde and now in the Falklands.

3rd March 2010, 09:49
Well spotted! The Largs Bay is of course still busy in Haiti -

3rd March 2010, 10:59
The Express pic shows her complete with her 2008 patch in darker grey!

6th March 2010, 22:01
It's nice to see that the newspapers do 'in-depth' research (Jester)

7th March 2010, 18:40
The only item you should believe in a newspaper is the date, and you should check that against a diary.

8th March 2010, 01:41
I suppose they would be easily confused as Largs is a town on the Clyde estuary. 2 years ago I was in Largs when RFA Largs Bay paid a visit.