Hello From Australia

4th March 2010, 10:20
Hi All

looking to make some new friends here.
Also on the lookout for some old ships a friend of mine used to be on in the navy

4th March 2010, 10:26
Hi All

Looking for these ships

HMS Hecate
HMS Egeria
HMS Endurance
HMS Hecla

These were the ships my mate was on back in the 60's, would appreciate any help on getting some pics for him..Pete

4th March 2010, 10:34
Welcome aboard from the Philippines. Enjoy all this great site has to offer

K urgess
4th March 2010, 11:19
Welcome aboard from northern England, Pete.
A search of the SN gallery should produce some results.
Find your way around and get to know the crew.
Have a good voyage.

4th March 2010, 12:35
G'day Pete and welcome to SN from the south of England. Bon voyage.

bert thompson
4th March 2010, 20:28
peterj welcome to this great site
Best wishes

16th January 2014, 15:00
Peterj............I was on the Hecla and Egeria in the 1970/80's.have loads of pics and info......let me know what you need.