SS Baltrover

5th March 2010, 18:23
Hello, am new to this forum but am researching my grandparents whom I know from Border Crossing Docs crossed on the Baltrover and arrived in Halifax on 9/21/41. I'm a member of but cannot find any information on where they departed. They were Dutch, escaping from Holland, and possibly crossed from Liverpool(?) Is there anywhere I can locate the ship's manifest from that date to discover where they boarded?
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K urgess
5th March 2010, 18:41
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A search of the UK National Archives website may produce some results.
Find your way around and get to know the crew.
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5th March 2010, 18:53

It looks as if the “SS Baltrover” sailed in Convoy ON12 from Liverpool on the 1st September 1941 (Milford Haven Aug. 31), then dispersed on the 14th September The log book and official crew agreement for 1941 Jan 01 - 1941 Dec 31 should be in BT 381/1295, I don’t know if it would list the passengers as well as crew, but would expect that they would be listed on the manifest on arrival


bert thompson
5th March 2010, 20:13
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5th March 2010, 20:17
You might find some info at , this is Canada's immigration museum in Halifax, N.S.

5th March 2010, 21:43
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5th March 2010, 23:10
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6th March 2010, 14:45
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