Unknown Costa Line ship at Stockholm.

25th October 2005, 12:30
The attached photo was taken on 1st September 2005 during a visit/stay in Stockholm.

The vessel furthest from the camera appears to be a Costa Line ship but possibly not one of their own - a chartered ship maybe? I didn't get her name but is anyone able put a name to her?



25th October 2005, 12:44
Ahoy Mike,

I know the Costa Atlantica is a regular visitor in Stockholm,maybe she's the one at your photo.Also the Costa Magica will visited Stockholm as well.

25th October 2005, 13:08
My friend she is probably COSTA EUROPA.
Ciao da Milano

25th October 2005, 13:10
Ruud -

Thanks for that - she's "Costa Europa", should have done my searching before I made the post, found her in the www.faktaomfartyg.com site!!


25th October 2005, 13:27
Ahoy Mike,

Me too, I've should have used my brains more, she was seen on 07-09-2005 at IJmuiden, coming from Hamburg-Stockholm, and I did had some pics of her.(*))
Here taken in the Noordzee canal from the Arklow Ranger.

http://img458.imageshack.us/img458/4835/costaeuropa0wm.th.jpg (http://img458.imageshack.us/my.php?image=costaeuropa0wm.jpg)


fred henderson
25th October 2005, 22:49
Delivered by Meyer Werft in 1986 as the Homeric for Home Lines for $150 million. (Goodness almost 20 years ago) She was built in the old Meyer yard and launched sideways into the River Ems. I remember her in Bermuda, she looked superb.
Home Lines were taken over by Holland America in 1988 and she became their Westerdam. In November of that year Carnival bought Holland America Line and Westerdam was returned to Meyer in November 1989 to be lengthened by 130 feet in Meyer's new covered building dock.
She has more recently been transfered within the Carnival Group to Costa, who have returned her to her original all white hull paint scheme. Thankfully they have not changed her funnel to the Costa stove pipe.