NORDIC CLANSMAN-first of a new concept

27th April 2004, 13:53
In the 1970s and 80s the Lithgow yard at Port Glasgow built 4 250000dwt VLCCs in two sections these being Joined afloat.
The first of these was launched as NAESS SCOTSMAN in April 1973.The bow section was launched in January 1974.
Renamed NORDIC CLANSMAN whilst being joined up,she sailed in April 1974 to drydock in Lisbon,no British drydock being able to accommodate her.
Unfortunately,the decline in VLCC construction brought to an end this form of building.The yard continued building oil rigs and is all but flattened now,being given over to retail development.
Another shot showing the two sections alongside waiting to be joined up.

16th July 2004, 14:30
Greetings Fairfield from Oldbosun. 250,000 tons you say. Amazing. I never did sail on anything that big. Saw plenty of 'em though.
Let's see.....that equal 25 of the 10,000 tonners that I did sail on.
24 less Captains
24 less Chief Engineers
24 less mates, 24 less 2nd mates, 24 less....................on and on.
Look at all the wages they didn't have to pay. Mind boggling.!!