Palm Line Ships

25th October 2005, 15:07
Hi Guys
I know there are people out there that are better detectives than Shirlock Holmes so my request I am sure will be fruitful.
I am looking for pics of a ship I sailed on in 1958 called "Ashanti Palm" She is long gone I know but still lives in my memeory

25th October 2005, 16:19
Ruud over to you.

25th October 2005, 16:26
Didn't find a pic, but knows she was built as Ashantian 07-1947 at S.B. Corp.Ltd-Nwc. Call Sign:GWWG, but there will be some "Palm" men around.

25th October 2005, 16:36
Ashantian Palm Ex Ashantian built 1947 by Shipbuilding corp Tyne branch Newcastle
431.2 x 56.3 x 24.2. 3 cyl up & downer by South East Marine. Reg; Liverpool
DF, ESD, Radar. code flags GWWG.

26th October 2005, 20:24
The Ashanti Palm broke from her moorings in Naples harbour in 1962 and was wrecked on the breakwater.She was on her way from Genoa to Port harcourt.

29th October 2005, 12:09
Hello, there are a couple of photo's of the Ashanti Palm in the book Palm Line by Laurence Dunn & P.M. Heaton. Thought I had a couple of my own, sadly mistaken there! If you want to get in touch will try to scan them and send them to you, Regards Graham

29th October 2005, 21:14
Ahoy Ernest.
Only here!!!!!(Thumb) (Applause)

Maybe, we should ask some,


or some:

29th October 2005, 22:27
Thanks Ernest
Many thanks.
The free bit I like as my Scottich heritage likes those deals.
I was sent the two photo's from the book and promise not to use them commercially.
Think when I get chance I will post another story from that era when I was on the Ashanti Palm. All true!!
Bill Ross

Terry Murphy
28th May 2006, 23:02
I actually have a cutting from THe Liverpool of The Ashanti when she was aground,Iwill dig it out,but I haven"t got a clue how to post it.