QE2 - My Story

Blue Bombay
12th March 2010, 18:36
Southampton 12 July 1990

QE2 docked portside just before lunch i walk up 5 Deck Fwd Crew Gangway into our lobby - the Sailors Square.My dream had became true to work on the biggest, fastests and most famous ship in the world.Almost 9 years later and after 136 transatlantic crossings over 1000 days at sea, 111 visits to New York, 7 Panama Canal transit, 3 Suez Canal transit, 4 complete world cruise and 3 incomplete world cruise, with lots of good days and bad days too,that was the best time of my life.The QE2 is still part of my life and i am proud to be part of her life too.

Once onboard we were taken to the Crew Library on One Deck Fwd Stb.side.We were a group of 40-50 new crewmembers.There we meet our head of deparments, we had a brief welcome speech, then papers given out with lots of ship information.The 2 most important papers are the MUSTER CARD for boat drill and the CAPTAINS MASTER ORDER.Afterwards we were lead to cabins, my cabin was 503 on five back Fwd Stb.side.The showers and toilets were more foward of my cabin as you can imagine it is way way forward.Trying to do your needs there on FORCE 10-11 is an adventure.Later that afternoon we set sail for New Żork, my first transatlantic crossing what a feeling that was.We done back to back transatlantic crossing returning to Southampton on the 22 of July.During theses 10 days is was a challenge trying to find your way around.


12th March 2010, 18:46
A nice story, Lois, thankyou for sharing that and welcome to Ships Nostalgia from the sunny Isle of Anglesey.

Blue Bombay
13th March 2010, 10:42
After doing a back to back crossing we arrived in Southampton on the 22th July 1990.After 10 days onboard i was happy to set my feet on solid ground again.What a feeling that was.I managed to get into town i call my mother saying that my dream is wonderful.By lunch i was back onboard, the ship was getting ready to go HOME.By afternoon we sailed on the 150th anniversary of Cunard Line.This was to be one of my best voyages on Her.We sailed to Cobh-maiden call, Liverpool-maiden call ,back home to Greenock and Chebourg.The calls in Cobh, Liverpool and Greenock were out of this world.So many people came to greet the QE2.I was a deck steward on helideck for the first time then i saw a helicopter land on deck that was in Greenock.Ill have to look for the photo of that.Back in Southampton HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN came onboard i managed to shake her hand-sadly i have no photo of that.


Blue Bombay
8th May 2010, 11:54
My QE2 Statistics, check it out


8th May 2010, 12:53
Please continue with your reminiscences they are a great account of life aboard a great ship.
It is one of the joys of SN that suddenly these real life experiences get told to us by people we most probably would never meet other than through this forum.
The sad, gradual death that seems to await QE2 at the hands of the same country that bought what remained of British P&O must sadden you as it does everyone who mourned QE2's passing.
More please.

Blue Bombay
31st May 2010, 22:19
More of my story can be read on the following link