Did you sail in Shaw Savill's 'Big Ics'?

14th March 2010, 08:23
Did you sail on Shaw Savill's BIG ICs during your time at sea?

A book about the Gothic, Ceramic, Athenic and Corinthic, also the Persic, Runic, and Suevic is currently being written by Andrew Bell and Murray Robinson, co-authors of the book “A Tasman Trio : Wanganella, Awatea, Monowai” published in 2009 by Ships in Focus Publications.

The new book, at present with the working title of “Gothic and the Big ICs” will also be published by Ships in Focus Publications.

We are looking for stories and reminiscences (clean and printable!) about what these ships were like to live and work aboard, both in port and at sea. The food, your job, crew mates, accommodation, the skipper, senior officers (good and bad), the engines, cargoes, bad weather, the passengers, the daily routine, ports of call, problems with the ship.....anything along these lines......

All contributions will be acknowledged in the book or we can assure anonymity if you prefer.

We also seek good, sharp and clear photos taken from the wharf or aboard the ships particularly the bridge, engine room, accommodation, upper decks, cargo gear, and while coming alongside.

In the first instance please contact me via a PM so as to furnish you with email addresses for your contributions.

non descript
14th March 2010, 08:53
Whilst you mean very well and your project has some very good ideas and reasons, we have done two minor things: (i) Moved this to a more suitable part of SN, and (ii) taken out the email address and put in its place a PM contact route instead.

Good luck with the project