Car carrier Medea and Japnese trawler collide

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19th March 2010, 13:24
Story from Tradewinds 19-03-2010

Two Japanese fishermen had a lucky escape when their tiny four tonne boat was destroyed by a passing 50,600-gt Wallenius Wilhelmsen car carrier.

According to information from Japan Coastguard the accident happened around 8am on Thursday some 6,000 metres south of the Centrair Airport in the Ise Straight, central Japan.

The Wallenius Wilhelmsen 5,234-car capacity Medea (built 1982) had just left the port of Nagoya heading for Singapore when it hit the two man fishing vessel Kousei Maru.

The boat immediately sank but luckily both fishermen onboard were saved, including the 61 year old captain. The Japan Coastguard said: “The boat sank and both men were thrown into the water but were saved by passing vessels. Both men are uninjured.”

The accident is under investigation.