Animated Avatars

27th October 2005, 09:31
I notice a lot of members take a fair bit of trouble designing their avatars. I have been playing with a bit of free software that enables you to animate your avatars. It is quite simple to use, a bit of fun, and very effective.

Anyone interested can find it at:

19th November 2005, 22:46
I have been tying to upload an avatar, but keep getting an error message even though it fits the right dimensions and file sizes.

Any idea where I'm going wrong?
This is the url I use,, and this is the error message I get.
The uploaded file is not a valid GIF, JPG, or PNG file. Please ensure that it is and try again.

19th November 2005, 22:56
Hi Hendo,

I've just uploaded your avatar myself to test it and it worked fine without any changes so I'm afraid I don't know what is wrong. Perhaps someone with more skills than me can assist.

19th November 2005, 23:10
Ach well, thanks anyway. :)

19th November 2005, 23:57
Ahoy Hendo,

It's done!

20th November 2005, 07:18
Nice one!
Dank u wel!