SS The Emerald "Santa Rosa, Regent Rainbow" SPARED

S. Toth
23rd March 2010, 22:44
SS Emerald built 1958 as the last passenger ship of size built in the United States has seemingly dogged the bullet of solas 2010. Louis cruise lines has recently stated that the "modification for SOLAS 2010 is being done" this information is from wiki, I can find no follow up information to back this on other sites. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Its great news indeed if it proves to be true!

Thanks, Steve!

24th March 2010, 13:16
Emerald is up for sale at €15m, and has been upgraded to SOLAS2010.

Jeff Taylor
24th March 2010, 15:54
Given the extensive rebuilds she's had I'm amazed that they never repowered her with diesels. She's still got the original steam turbines.

S. Toth
24th March 2010, 22:11
Well if she solas 2010 compliant doesn't that partially secure her future? She is the last ship of size built in the US, and as Jeff said still retains her original steam turbines. I hope she makes it.