USS Olympia in trouble?

S. Toth
24th March 2010, 02:13
uss olympia future is in possible trouble due to the financial position of the current owners. This ship is in sigh of the SS United States another very deserving ship in danger!,0,2003139.story?page=1

24th March 2010, 04:02
The Baltimore newspaper has the United States as being still the holder of the non existant Blue Riband . Not sure that this is true anymore. Is it true that the ship burned out a gear box on its maiden voyage due to being pushed to hard?

S. Toth
24th March 2010, 11:00
Yes she is still the Blue Riband holder, I am sure that she didn't burn out her gearbox, as far as I know she never in her life of service had any real difficulties. I know however during her sea trials that she had a case of a overheating bearing. Lets hope for the best of futures for both of them.

Best Regards, Steve

15th July 2010, 11:33
Latest news?

Pat Thompson
15th July 2010, 11:42

A swift google produced THIS (

I thought the Blue Riband was a passenger liner based award for the fastest passage from the Bishop Rock Lighthouse to the Ambrose Lighthouse have I got this one wrong as well?

By the way it is also a delicious chocolate wafer biscuit manufactured by Nestle (

18th July 2010, 03:44
For the lastest news on the fate of this ship look here:

This forum has the information on the thread the link has directed you too.

This is just information requested from a previous post.


S. Toth
13th September 2010, 03:10
they now either want to now scrap, or scuttle her, however the restoration option is still viable if funds become available

13th September 2010, 03:18
Wasn't the Blue Ribband won by Richard Branson a few years back and is still in the UK?

13th September 2010, 15:36
spot on Coastie (Thumb)

17th December 2010, 22:21
In light of recent events the Olympia has found some funding for her repairs, donated drydock, all be it just enough to keep her afloat but good to say the least.

Please use the link i provided in my earlier post to read the update.


18th December 2010, 16:43
I was lucky enough to go aboard OLYMPIA in May, when the WWII Liberty Ship SS JOHN W BROWN was in Philadelphia. We were there for the Memorial Day weekend and had meetings, or the muckety mucks of the BROWN's organization - Project Liberty Ship - did (I'm a deck ape)..

Seeing how they did things at the beginning of the 20th century was eye opening.. but seeing the condition of this great ship was heart breaking..

19th December 2010, 02:24

Your comments are noted just about everywhere the story has been published. Hope you were able to find the information on the donation's for the ship and repairs.

I do not know why such historical vessel are operated by people who have no knowledge of maintenance schedule and how they should operate in the maritime enviroment. In this case it money in the CEO pocket that matter the most, and he will get his just reward for his actions!

Side note here, retired deck ape myself.


17th October 2011, 20:43
I visited her last April. She was very well kept, but was in real need of a dry docking and a hull blasting. Given the lack of funds this was already a fine job keeping her afloat.

I wish to express my gratitude to all the people involved. They allowed me to visit this beautiful ship in a time where only postcards would be remaining. The situation here in France is clear. No warship anymore dating from before 1950...