Cunard Princess 1980

27th October 2005, 17:06
Some smiling faces from a quarter of a century ago. I'll leave you to ponder the names but I'll put you out of your misery shortly.

Cheers - Alan

Bill Lambert
28th January 2006, 09:36
Hello Alan,
As nobody seems to have replied, thought I'd better give it a go.
Back Row, left to right.
Dixie Dean, R/O, Alan Lynch, R/O, Angie Eddleston, Lt.Cmdr. David Mansel Pope, RD, RNR, Harry Jefferson, Malcomb ?.
Front Row, left to right.
Ronnie Bolton, Dick Sturge, Larry Portet, Dr.Alan Kirwin, Alan Marsden.
I was wandering where all the engineers where. Then I realized that as usual, they where probably all working.
Cheers. Bill. (*)

31st January 2006, 08:26
Hi there Bill - great to hear from you - at least there are two of us left...!

Next to Angie is Arthur Myers - medical orderly - and at the end of the back row is Malcolm Scanlon. Second from left on the back - I can't remember either - I'll refer to the archives and get back to you. Hope you are well?

Cheers - Alan

jim barnes
31st January 2006, 11:41
Hello Alan,
As nobody seems to have replied, thought I'd better give it a go.
Back Row, left to right.
Dixie Dean, R/O, Alan Lynch, R/O, Angie Eddleston, Lt.Cmdr. David Mansel Pope, RD, RNR, Harry Jefferson, Malcomb ?.
Front Row, left to right.
Ronnie Bolton, Dick Sturge, Larry Portet, Dr.Alan Kirwin, Alan Marsden.
I was wandering where all the engineers where. Then I realized that as usual, they where probably all working.
Cheers. Bill. (*)
No probably in the bar, Hic (Applause)

Jeff Taylor
19th January 2007, 17:24
I met Larry Portet in 1968 when he was relief Staff Captain on QE. He seemed a quiet, dry sort of fellow.

3rd March 2007, 04:19
Hello all, I used to work on the cunard princess back in 1981, Iam wondering if anyone is around that would have been there at the same time?

3rd March 2007, 04:20
also wondering if anyone has heard of ron bolton

4th March 2007, 22:26
Cruisemuscle - I was on Cunard Princess from the beginning until '81 as relieving Chief R/O. Haven't heard of Ronnie Bolton for a while. Last I heard was that he was Master somewhere (he was still 1st Off, maybe Chief Off) at the time that I left. Let me know if you track him down....

Alan Marsden

Bill Lambert
9th March 2007, 05:23
I think he's retired...

10th March 2007, 08:04
OK, thanks for that, Bill.....


14th January 2008, 14:38
HI Allen

I have just joined.

I was on the Princess in the 80ís as 4th Engineer. A fellow engineer was Pete Hacking.


Ian Wilson

J Scott
14th January 2008, 15:49
Hi Alan,

I think I was the person third from the left in the back row. I was temporary replacement 2/O from the cargo division.

I was then transferred to the QE2 for a good few years.

I am now Master with Holland America Line on the Noordam.

The days of lunchtime discussions / sessions in the cabins aft of the Bridge are long gone!

John Scott.

14th January 2008, 20:35
when i last heard of ron bolton, he was master of the caronia.
i recently heard a suggestion that harry "tabnabs" jefferson is now living in spain.
any further details would be appreciated on this.

Malcolm S
20th August 2008, 20:04
The other 2nd Officer with David Pope was me, Malcolm Scanlan.

Malcolm S
21st August 2008, 22:27
If anybody is still interested, in the picture - top row left to right=
Dixie Dean - carpenter
?? - Security P/O
Alan Lynch - boson
?? - medical P/O
Angie Eddleston - Nurse (believe she married Paul Jowett - 2nd Off)
David Pope - 1st Officer (believe he divorced and moved to Spain)
Harry Jefferson - radio officer
Malcolm Scanlan - 1st Officer (moved to Canada)
seated =
Ron Bolton - Chief Officer (retired)
Dick Sturge - Staff Captain (retired)
Laurence Portet - Captain (retired and sadly going blind and I hear not very well)
Alan Kirwin - Doctor
Alan Marsden - radio officer (married nurse Pam and lives in Aussie land)

Picture was taken on the bridge and represents the deck department only, all the engineers were in the 'wardy' drinking coffee (Nah!)

21st August 2008, 23:13
sorry to hear of Captain Laurie Portet.............:(

best wishes go to him

Derek Roger
22nd August 2008, 16:36
Only one i recognize is Harry Jefferson . Anyone have any news of Harry ?? Derek

22nd August 2008, 17:49
J Scott;

I have to say that you have improved with age over the last 25 odd years!

If you see this you know !


22nd August 2008, 23:44

Last I heard of Harry Jefferson was 20 years ago and he was reported to be living in Spain but I can't confirm.



Steve Ingamells
23rd August 2008, 20:48
Hi all,

I never knew so many had survived :-)

Yes, it's quite clear where the engineering department were at the time of the picture...

Happy days indeed, from what I can recall through the beer goggles.

Quick memory of Captain Portet:

I was briefly on the bridge of the Princess as he was lining up to enter San Juan dry-dock. He looked slightly concerned, and turned to one of the deck officers: "How wide did they say it was?"

I made my excuses and left...

All the best,
'lecky and rum tester, 1978 - 1981

Derek Roger
24th August 2008, 00:57

Last I heard of Harry Jefferson was 20 years ago and he was reported to be living in Spain but I can't confirm.



Thanks Derek

paul williams
14th August 2013, 18:27
Is any one still out there? I sailed on the princess from 1980 onward, I remember Bill , Steve and most of the chaps in the picture. I would like to find out the name of a 3rd engineer that sailed with me on my first watch in feb 1980,together with Eric the fish{mech} and Liquid Len{leckie mech}. he mainly did hotel service work, married a girl from the pursers office and they settled in a Tortola for a few years . Ring a bell with anyone?

Malcolm S
20th August 2013, 16:41
Sadly Ron Bolton and David Pope have passed on, not sure about Capt Portet.
Dick Sturge still married to Sandy - living in Atlanta, Alan can vouch for himself but living in Sydney, Dixie Dean is still around, and last time I checked I am still alive (not kicking) south of Vancouver.
Must admit of the Cunard ships I was on the CP was the best.


paul williams
29th August 2013, 10:28
Hi Malcolm, Nice to see your ok, I have only recently discoverd this site and Alan's thread. Sorry to hear about David and Ron, I sailed with both of them, I first met David at a dance on Union Castle's, "Edinburgh Castle" back in 1975 . Ron was a chap that always seemed to be full of humor, had a lot of laughs with him. I have found a picture of the chap I am trying to identify. he is second from the right, can you put a name to him? Paul

Malcolm S
1st September 2013, 18:25
Greetings Paul,
Very familiar as is the other one on the right, not sure about the two on the left.
Names sadly elude me, sorry - I have reached the "I cant remember the last time I forgot anything" stage in my life.
Dave or Bill comes to mind but not much else.
Question to you though - are you the Paul also known as "The Bear"?
Best Rgds

paul williams
3rd September 2013, 21:07
Hi Malcom, No, my nick name was Boyo, I am on the left of the picture.The Bear was Paul Wright, he was a very nice chap, when I first joined the Princess as a new second engineer still wet behind the years, the Bear took time to show me the ropes, he ended up there as staff chief engineer, he got a transfer to the Countess some years later, he was a colourful chap, he would sack you in the evening and then buy you a beer at the lunch time session ! had a few drinks with another Cunard engineer, Jim Hayes a little while ago , he said the Bear had died of some heart problem, he finished up as a suprintendant of some shipping co, fond memories of our times together. Paul

4th September 2013, 02:27
The Jim Hayes you mention - is he the one who did a very passable impersonation of Hitler while on watch in the boiler room on the QEII?
If so I have a few good memories of being on watch with him while I was an apprentice in 1980.

paul williams
4th September 2013, 22:23
Hi, thats him, When I first met him on the S.A. VAAL 1975 he was doing them, we were on the QE2 together and later the Cunard Princess, he was doing those impressions right up until we parted in 1994, he went back to the Queens, so I would think he was doing them untill he retired ,His Most famous one is Mick Jagger doing "Brown Suger". We meet for a drink now and then, will mention you to him. He still finishes his pint with two hands wrapped around the glass, another famous Jim stance. Paul

Malcolm S
5th September 2013, 01:13
Greetings Paul,
Thanks for correcting me. I looked at the picture again and bells are ringing through the foggy haze. Yes all the faces are familiar but still no names. That's not odd really - I have written mine and the wife's in soap on the bathroom mirror so when I get up in the morning not only do I know who I am but also who I slept with last night !
The best cure for sea sickness is to sit under a tree.
~ Spike Milligan

paul williams
6th September 2013, 16:32
Hi Malcolm, contacted Jim Hayes today, he remembers you well, he id
the chap in the picture for me. David Cameron, you were right with the first name. so I have them all now. left ,me, Bootsie, Kevin, Dave and Steve wall, all there in 1980 . My mist of time has cleared a little. Talking of Spike Milligan, do you remember Cunard's Spike Milligan the electrician ?, One christmas afternoon long long ago aboard the Princess,he invited me to his cabin and introduced me to a bottle of
Pusers rum,just the two of us mind you! its the best rum in the world he said! and he proved to be right, and I thank him for it, ho I do! it was not to be had on board for another five or so years, even today I think of Spike when a dram passes my lips , bless him. paul

Malcolm S
8th September 2013, 08:24
Yes I remember Spike - a good man. Much as I like Pussers while on the Countess I moved to Mount Gay and then Cavalier (Antiguan) I found it very smooth.
Were you on the Princess for the Lauro charter? That was a fun time as was our first season in Alaska afterwards. We certified the dancing girls as helmsmen, made life on the bridge more bearable for us and the pilots!

paul williams
11th September 2013, 11:35
Hi Malcolm, First trip on the Princess was 9/2/80, not sure when the Lauro charter was, did the first Alaska trip, remember a group of lads moaning in the wardroom about leaving the sun , we had drinks on arriving at Juneau, rolled up our pants and put knotted paper napkins on our heads as you would have found on British beaches in past days, sort of a sign of our discontentment. The idear was to go ashore, find a bar dressed as we were. When we got to the swinging doors of the Red Dog saloon suddenly some chap was ejected through them by some very large bouncers, we tidied ourselves up fast! and were well behaved for or visit. I think some of the chaps were Bruce Bergman,John Towers,Ron Henan, and JJ Nolan to name a few. Will try the Cavalier rum if I ever make it back to Antigua, wich is on the cards. Talking of Antigua, we run a life boat there and had a barbecue, I have a memory of Alan entertaining the locals there, he got a lot of laughs, wonder if he remembers? we warned him about the rum punch, it had been fermenting in the bunker station for a week!

Malcolm S
16th September 2013, 01:32
By jove Paul, you are bringing up names from the past! Last time I saw JJ Nolan was in New Orleans - I think - he was working shore side selling or representing Castrol. Myself and a few others be-friended a local family in Antigua, they used to pick us up and take us to different beaches. The only condition was that we had to stop for and 'oil change' on the way. We soon learnt that the oil was rum and it was for us not the car! We also took the life boat out to a beach as well.
I enjoyed the CP, way better than the CC

16th January 2014, 00:17
Malcolm the dancing bear I believe was Paul wright I just found this site I worked in the casino on countess first then princess. Really enjoyed both. Oh forgot started on adventurer joined countess in la spezia, went on princess when she was just a shell in builders yard

16th January 2014, 11:22
Seeing the Cunard Line mentioned I was interested in this posting having been with Cunard from 1958 t0 1972 mostly the freighters. However did recognize Laurence Portet in the first post photograpgh although to be truthful more because the people were all named in a later post. Larry Portet received his 1st command on one of the cargo ships I sailed on in the 60s. Tried checking dis/bk for Masters signature on pay off but unable to identify.
Sorry to hear about his ill heath an if he is still with us wish him well.

17th April 2014, 04:55
Found this forum by accident after hearing about the Countess fire. Glad to see some old friends are still with us even though it's 30 years ago now. Wore the purple band on the QE and Princess in the 70's.

Martyn B
23rd April 2014, 13:46
Hi Paul
I'm new to this site. The chap in the middle is Kevin Denson Electrical Eng. The chap on the far left is Ned Kelly Eng. from Southampton. They both served on the Cunard Countess. I was a plumber during my time on the Countess from 1982 to 1989. I hope this helps.

5th September 2014, 16:07
Hi all,

For those who may remember me, Paul Cocker, Engineer on Cunard Princess 84 - 88.

I just got back from 2 weeks working on board Disney Fantasy - Chief Engineer is Gareth Hamblin. We spent quite some time reminiscing about the CP!

I met Chief Electrician Tony Flake last time I was on board but unfortunately he has now retired.

I'm still in touch with Tim Denver after all these years.

Best regards to all.


paul williams
8th September 2014, 13:05
Hi Paulc, Are you the engineer that told me the story of the bike you were unhappy with? "no speed" you said, then one day the the turbo charger cut in putting you in virtual orbit. I tried to contact Tim a few times through the years, but no joy. My last memory of him was us standing on a supporting strut way up the fiddly fighting a lagging fire
We were around San Francisco so that would have put it about 1988.
good to hear about Tony, does he still live down in Hants? I heard recently that another engineer you would have sailed with on the CP has passed on. Steive Wall. the news came via Vancouver.
all the best to you and all . paul

9th September 2014, 14:38
Hi Boyo, long time no see!!

Yes that was me with the turbocharged Kawasaki 750 and after all these years I'm still riding ridiculously powerful bikes.

It seems Tim was a pretty good firefighter, I remember an HP FO leak igniting on the exhaust cladding. I hit the emergency stop and Tim, cool as a cucumber, picked up a garden hose and put out the flames. Those were fun times!

Yeah I heard about "The Brick", terrible news. I also heard that Paul "The Bear" Wright passed away. Very sad.

I spoke to Tim last night and will reply to your PM later today.

Hope you are keeping well, maybe catch up one of these days?


paul williams
29th September 2014, 14:46
Hi Paul and all, I have found a picture with Tony in, we had been fishing in Alaska, not sure of the port, or the date, another engineer you would have sailed with, Bruce Berryman is in the picture with the Bear and me, all the best Paul

paul williams
26th March 2015, 01:09
HI , chaps, Gareth Witt is putting a reunion together in Cardiff 21/22 august 2015, Qe2/cp/cc. number is up to 20 already. contact me for details. all the best and good luck!!!!!! Paul

Malcolm S
1st April 2015, 08:41
Thanks for the info, however due to distance will be unable to attend. However would like to see some pictures from the event please

1st April 2015, 09:47
I may be up for the reunion Boyo. Can you PM me with Witty's contact details? Will also pass it on to Tim D.


paul williams
1st April 2015, 11:29
will do malcolm, will do Paul, regards Paul[ boyo]

Peter Eccleson
11th April 2015, 00:21
HI , chaps, Gareth Witt is putting a reunion together in Cardiff 21/22 august 2015, Qe2/cp/cc. number is up to 20 already. contact me for details. all the best and good luck!!!!!! Paul
Hi Paul

I'd be interested. What's the details?