Simulator view

Peter B
28th March 2010, 11:43
This video is from one of the computerised simulators of the Maersk Training Centre in Svendborg, Denmark.

In the actual excercise, the supply vessel is supposed to deliver a 35 tonnes compressor unit to a platform by means of the vessel's hydraulic crane.

During the excercise, the instructors in the adjacent room introduces all sorts of obstacles, to test the three man bridge crew in the simulator. In the actual excercise, the instructors alter the wind and sea state, they simulate a hydraulic fault on the vessels bow thruster, thus making positioning unstable and they provide "situation assessments" from the crane operator and the engineer working on the malfunctioning bow thruster.

During the excercise, the performance of the bridge crew is evaluated: How do they act, do they consider all relevant input, do they use procedures and checklists, how are they communicating, what kind of decisions do they make, do they "know when to quit", etc. etc.

After the excercise, the entire event can be played back and discussed in detail. I'm sure there are some eye-openers once you get to see and hear your own performance in a stressful situation on tape!

Link to MTC's own info about the new simulator: