31st March 2010, 18:16
Noticed not much reference to this ship. she was built in 1979 ( I think) general cargo. Travelling mainly down the east coast of South America back to Liverpool and Glasgow; mainly. Captain Spong was in charge although he only spoke to me twice. Once asking me if I’ve seen any cockroaches, being young and enthusiastic I answered truthfully, YES. The Ch Seward gave me a right rollicking afterwards. The following week the Captain asked me again (after much cleaning by the deck and catering crew) with a stare from the Ch Steward by reply was much to his liking.

non descript
31st March 2010, 20:50
Yes, she is/was a curious ship… some might (unkindly) come to the conclusion she was not as pure a Houlders Boat as some… She was and SD14 ordered by Houlder Brothers who manned the ship, delivered in 1979, but her registered owners were Shaw Savill & Albion and the Welldeck Shipping Company; then to confuse matters even more, she was given a Royal Mail name… and indeed their buff coloured funnel to go with it. She struggled on as the odd one out and was transferred in 1981 to Dee Navigation (a trading name of the Empire Transport Co Ltd.) before being sold on in 1982 to Hong Kong interests and re-named Mountain Azelea.

25th August 2010, 17:02
had a few good trips on her,small cabins but nice.She could roll though,not a great sea ship,but happy memories