French Trade Union Humour

fred henderson
2nd April 2010, 18:06
It is well known that the French ignore EEC directives as they please, so they probably do not understand April Fools Day rules.

In full compliance with EEC regulations, the Italian ferry company Moby Lines opened a service from Toulon to Corsica on 1 April. This enraged the French Trade Unions. The crews of the French SNCM and CMN ferries walked out in protest. As a result passengers have only two options: stay at home or travel with… Moby Lines(EEK)

2nd April 2010, 20:35
Sounds like good union logic to me. (Smoke)

3rd April 2010, 14:54
The French Union action is really going to hurt Moby Lines. Guaranteed full ferries and customers getting the message that the French ferries are likely to go on strike at any time ......

Did Moby Lines pay them to go on strike?