Wick Coastguard volunteer suspended for Swearing during search for Missing Man

5th April 2010, 17:45
Story here:


This truly beggars belief.

A Facebook site set up to support him:


5th April 2010, 18:12
As you say, James, it beggars belief, someone wants to get a grip and sort this out.

7th April 2010, 05:23
Presumably this utterance was over the radio, (for it to have been overheard by a member of the public) and therefore was in breach of the radio regulations. Some action must be taken, otherwise why have the regs at all?

Personally I see no need to use that kind of language; it merely demonstrates the limitations of the speaker's vocabulary. No matter how frustrated or annoyed an individual may be, the English language is sufficiently rich that there should be no need to resort to swearing/cursing/profanity.
I realise this is an unfashionable point of view and await the firestorm to come.

7th April 2010, 06:33
Expletive deleted!!

Yours aye,

Pat Thompson
7th April 2010, 07:18

As my grandfather used to say, "The use of bad language shows a lack of vobloodycabulary".

Naytikos you are quite correct regarding swearing over the air and also why have regulations and not apply them. In this case perhaps the pressure of prevailing circumstances should perhaps have been taken into account.

And finally it appears that the lady in question was employed by the Marine and Coastguard Agency the very same organisation that actively ignores breaches the Collregs where the required maintenance of a lookout is concerned thus displaying biblical levels of hypocracy.

17th April 2010, 00:32
It seems these regulations haven't reached BBC as yet

17th April 2010, 21:35
Very one sided story, is it not? 63 year old mariner, dealing with a woman staff member? There is more to this story than what was in the article IMO.

17th April 2010, 22:45
I can't help but think that a mountain has been made out of a molehill - symptomatic, though, of today's 'society'. Yes, profanity isn't nice, but in the 'heat of the moment' it can sometimes be a safety valve...

There's too much 'hurt feelings' guff these days, imo

No doubt some sleazy lawyer is waiting to strike too - grrr.............