HMS Ark Royal heads for Atlantic (BBC News)

SN NewsCaster
6th April 2010, 14:00
HMS Ark Royal, the Royal Navy's flagship, leaves Portsmouth to lead a series of multi-national exercises in the Atlantic Ocean.

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6th April 2010, 19:48
So sad that they feel the need to crow about such a puny effort.
As a comparison, I remind members that in 1957 for the two month duration of Febex and Marchex in the Med, the Royal Navy contingent consisted of 5 aircraft carriers, 6 cruisers and 32 escort vessels plus 4 Russian Elint trawlers. No doubt Lancastrian will have figures for how many RFA vessels supported the fleet.

Gareth Jones
6th April 2010, 20:54
The Argentinians are starting to beat the drum over UK oil explorations going on in the South Atlantic near the Falklands.
Perhaps this is to demonstrate that we can still do it ( or think we can!).

Bob Theman
6th April 2010, 23:31
Are you sitting down guys?
Operation Joint Warrior 10-1 starts in the North Atlantic on the 9th April. The following HMSs will be taking part:'
Cumberland,Liverpool,Sutherland,Cornwall,Mancheste r,Iron Duke,Hurworth,Ramsey,Borcklesby,Torbay yes ARK ROYAL together with RFAs Argus and Fort George along with various other rowboats, pedallos and rubber ducks.
Also FS Perle, BNS Independencia, HNlMSs Dolfjin & De Zeven Provincien, FGS Uboat U15, BNS Louise Marie as well as seven war canoes from the US of A.
When we put our mind to it we can gather enough for a little bit of a party.

7th April 2010, 04:53
Gosh! That many!!

7th April 2010, 09:31
Thats the WHOLE of the RN

7th April 2010, 09:37
No doubt Lancastrian will have figures for how many RFA vessels supported the fleet.

Would if I could, but that one seems to have escaped from our archives.