Peter Garner Cadet

7th April 2010, 04:19
No not a real person but the title of a book by John FC Westerman. Quite an old book that I saw in a 2nd hand book shop. I was thinking of buying it but left it. I may go back for it. Has anyone read it?

Chris Isaac
7th April 2010, 07:40
Google throws up this link:

It seems to be a boys adventure story dating from the 1930s.... Give it a try!

K urgess
7th April 2010, 10:22
He definitely spins a good yarn.
I'm a great fan, especially of "The Wireless Officer" published in 1922. (Thumb)
Well, what did you expect. [=P]

7th April 2010, 11:37
Fubar; it seems that from the web site link given by Chris, that 'The Wireless Officer' was written by Percy Westerman, John FC Westermans father. Both prolific writers of the same themes.

K urgess
7th April 2010, 12:00
Didn't realise father and son were authors.
Must learn to read (egg)
Still, I can only improve. [=P]

8th April 2010, 02:13
"The Wireless Officer" was written entirely in Morse code using a spark gap transmitter! LOL.
Its good to see you know about .