Queen Elizabeth

9th April 2010, 14:50
Now that the new aircraft carriers are under construction around the U.K. are we going to have two ships with the same name, one being "H.M.S. Queen Elizabeth " and one being the new cunarder cruise ship "Queen Elizabeth "

9th April 2010, 15:50
Twas ever thus! Which is why vessels names are always preceeded by HMS, SS, USS, RMS, MV, etc

9th April 2010, 17:30
It has happened before, during the war when they both saw each other, a signal said "Snap"

10th April 2010, 00:35
Hopefully people will be able to tell them apart without having to look at the nameplates.
One will have a black hull for a start, and hopefully one will have some aircraft on it.