Auckland drowning

10th April 2010, 10:09
I have recently learnt of the drowning of an old shipmate of mine and I was wondering if anybody had any further information.His name was Ken Johnson,and he was the lampie.I was on the Cretic,July1968-October 1969,and this apparently happened very soon after I left the ship.

11th April 2010, 12:00
Hi Grant1, I sailed with Ken(animal)Johnson on the Cretic the trip he drowned. I have also asked the question on SN for any info regards his death, as I to paid off before he died, but did'nt get much of a response. However, I met up with Mally Collinson, who was galley boy on the Cretic at the time, he told me that Kenny had been drinking ashore and on the way back to the ship its thought he fell off the gangway into the water and was found floating head down the next morning. He was quite a character was Animal Johnson. He took me under his wing that trip I think it was because we were both from Hull. I have some good memories while I was on the Cretic and I must add, some bad one's! What did you do on the Cretic? Sherloc.

donald lloyd
16th December 2010, 18:35
Hello, I sailed on the Cretic from May '69 till Dec '70 and remember Yorkie Johnson well. I was 3rd electrician and used to talk to him a lot while he spliced steel cables something he was very good at. I have always thought that he drowned in Wellington but I may be wrong it was a long time ago . regards Don Lloyd.