Crew place offer aboard Tall Ship (BBC News)

SN NewsCaster
10th April 2010, 15:40
A crew place aboard one of the vessels during the Tall Ships Races 2010 is offered in a competition.

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Satanic Mechanic
10th April 2010, 16:05
Ok quick story - the tall ships were in Leith a few years ago, I had just arrived back from sea and went through to see them with Mrs Satanic. Due to some sort of travel mix up the Roald Admunsen was advertising for crew at a price of 250 quid a skull, I always fancied giving it ago and went to inquire. Mrs Satanic was none too impressed

"Firstly your just back from sea" she nagged

"I know" I replied

"and secondly - why do they want 250 quid" she nagged even more

Exasperated I pointed at a very large three masted square rigger and stated


I think most of Leith stopped and laughed.

Defeated I returned to the car(Jester)

11th April 2010, 00:14
ha ha ha. Good one SM

stevie burgess
11th April 2010, 01:56
Tickled me pink that one SM...ha ha!