11th April 2010, 09:52
Apologies if this has been listed previously, but this is an excellent webcam site with views of the Mersey etc., updated every 30 seconds.


Quite a lot of shipping yesterday but a bit late for it today.

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Tony D
11th April 2010, 10:43
posted this one before,access from this page,a live streaming webcam covering the mouth of the Tyne.
Couple more not related to the sea but worth watching African wildlife live.
and this one, they have live safari every day where they drive round looking at Elephants Rhinos an such,great stuff
All the above webcams are real time, live ie they do not update every half minute or so which I find a bit irritating

Pat Kennedy
11th April 2010, 15:47
Here is a link to a live webcam at Pilot Station Finkenwerder on the River Elbe with a fixed view upstream towards Hamburg. Lots of traffic.