royal navy

30th October 2005, 21:09
hi, anybody got any info, on hms matabele lost 1941 off kola inlet...many thanks

john russell
30th October 2005, 21:27
hi, anybody got any info, on hms matabele lost 1941 off kola inlet...many thanks
welcome i am a new entry,try public records office kew, ADM / 801 page on reports on rn ships 1939=1943, lost and damaged, hope this may help.John,

fred henderson
30th October 2005, 22:59
HMS Matabele was a Tribal Class destroyer. The Tribals were Britains only "Super Destroyers". A type that was built by all of the leading navies in the late 1930s, but the programmes were largely abandoned as requiring too many resources compared with standard destroyers. Eight Tribals were order under the 1935 Programme and eight repeats in the 1936 Programme.
Matabele was from the second batch and was built by Scott's and launched in 1937. 2519 tons, 377 feet oa, 4 twin 4.7 inch, 1 set of quadruple torpedo tubes. She achieved 36.8 knots on trials.
The Tribals were involved in the thick of naval action during WW II and twelve of the sixteen were lost. Matabele was lost in the Barents Sea on 17 January 1942, whilst escorting an Artic convoy. Only two survivors were picked up.


31st October 2005, 21:32
thanks for that john and fred

17th January 2006, 20:52
On 17 January, HMS Matabele was torpedoed by the German submarine U-454 and sank in two minutes. Even in that short time, many had managed to abandon ship only to be frozen to death in the icy waters.


22nd April 2007, 00:40
I was only talking to a neighbour (of 78 years of age),
here in Penzance, and he was telling me of his brother who died in
those icy waters at the age of 18.
I would very much like to get a photograph of HMS MATABELE for the family.
The few photos on the net are not big enough to print from.
Any help would be appreciated, Best Wishes, Raymond