Encyclopaedia Peninsular

15th April 2010, 14:15
I noticed recently that the excellent source of information on all P&O S.N. Co's own ships, and many of P&O Group company ships pleasingly titled 'Encyclopaedia Peninsular' had disappeared from the D.P. World website.

Fearing the worst I emailed Dubai Port World site and have received a very prompt and friendly response from the curator of the P&O Heritage Collection. A new P&O archive site is being created and will be 'launched' shortly. They promise to email me when it is available and I will post the web site address here.

How nice to find such recognition of the value of the history of a taken-over company by the purchasing organisation - although it doesn't make P&O's disappearance any better.

1st December 2010, 12:19
Further to my earlier post on the disappearance of the Encyclopaedia Peninsular site the Curator of the P&O Heritage Collection at DP World has advised me that a new site: www.poheritage.com is now up and running. A quick inspection suggests it is very good.

When we old timers spend so much time criticising how the world has gone wrong since we let someone else run things, it is great to find that DP World having acquired what was left of P&O are maintaining the on line 'museum'.(Applause)


1st December 2010, 19:22
Thanks for the link - fascinating

Nigel Wing
1st December 2010, 21:40
Also, thanks for the link, just spent an hour or so looking up my old ships, and checking on their history and eventual fates. Plenty to research there.

10th May 2011, 12:34
Thanks for the poheritage site Ian Its excellant!
ragards Ray Clarke