Benledi (VI)

Willie Mac
30th October 2005, 21:56
First trip. Joined her at "M" Shed West India Docks in August 1969. Everything about her was overwhelming to a young lad who had never been on, or even seen, a deep sea cargo ship in his life. At that time the ship held many records for the fastest passages to many Far East ports.
Captained by Oswald Tucker she was known by many in the company as "Tuckers Tornado".

After leaving London my first run ashore was in Yokohama, Japan. Talk about a cultural shock for a lad who would'nt even be seventeen for another month!!! You certainly grew up fast in these days. FANTASTIC.

Would like to know if it is possible to get crew and ports of call lists from these days

Willie Macfarlane

30th October 2005, 22:13
Try the Ben Line site they have crew lists etc. Isailed with them for 10 years and knew Ossie well.
PS let me know if you have any luck.

Willie Mac
15th November 2005, 21:56
Hi Billy

I've already got my details on the Ben Line webpage. Site seems to have ground to a halt in June 04. As there forum page is still running would it be OK or allowed to advertise this website there and hopefully direct any other former Ben boat guys to this site.

I see you mentioned Peter Cowie in another email. Pete actually joined the Benledi on the same day as me in August 1969. (Both first trippers).