Rfa Fort Austin

28th April 2004, 21:07
RFA FORT AUSTIN In drydock at HEBBURN On Tyne 27 1 04

Bob S
21st September 2004, 13:28
Seen at Devonport on the 18th August 2004, reportedly restoring after a refit.

Jan Hendrik
28th March 2005, 05:37
Hereby a pic of the drydocking in Devonport, U.K. back in 1991

28th March 2005, 14:46
She didn't manage to leave the Tyne, until, I think June/July. She kept having things go wrong. One example is she got out past the Tyne piers, and went to test her anchors. So they dropped BOTH their anchors, and then the main engine promptly died a death, result, couldnt retrieve the anchors and couldnt move, ho ho ho.
Shes up on the Clyde just not, and will be for a few weeks. The only ports open to them at the moment are Plymouth and Glen Mallan (Clyde), due to the fact they're now carrying 170,000 lbs of explosives/ammunition/missiles etc.

24th April 2005, 21:04

And at the very beginning of her career coming back to Greenock after trials in 1979.