HMS Dauntless to make city visit (BBC News)

SN NewsCaster
27th April 2010, 16:40
HMS Dauntless, the Royal Navy's newest warship, will visit its affiliated city Newcastle for the first time and open to the public.

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14th March 2014, 22:58
HMS Dauntless is in Glasgow at the moment. This evening she hosted a VIPs reception and I was there and experienced a quite singular honour that I would never have expected.

I am a local city councillor and also what is known in Scotland as a Bailie, which is a civic ambassadorial role in support of the city's Lord Provost (sort of like a mayor). As the Lord Provost is the "First citizen" of Glasgow and also the Lord Lieutenant and, as I was deputising for the Lord Provost, I was apparently the most senior person present. So I got to take the Ceremonial Sunset!

As I say, a real honour for a former (merchant) seafarer.