Titanic Coal

marty 552
1st November 2005, 02:24
hello everyone,
can anyone of you bright SPARKS throw a LIGHT on coal recovered from the wreck of TITANIC.

marty 552 (*))

1st November 2005, 10:35
hello everyone,
can anyone of you bright SPARKS throw a LIGHT on coal recovered from the wreck of TITANIC.

marty 552 (*))
If you are gullable or perhaps that should be niave enough you can but a minute piece of this coal at a vastly inflated price. When this was first recovered I met with George Tullough whos company it was doing the recovery. He said with a straight face he could prove the coal came from Titanic because if it was dated it would be proved to be from 1912 and therefore over 80 years old. I had great delight in telling him "actually the coal is millions of years old and therefore for all I know it could have come from the coal heap outside" Well he was a former car salesman. Buy a bit if you wish it's your money.

Geordie 2
25th January 2007, 14:50
It's black

25th January 2007, 15:03
The most valuable coal recovered from the wreck is the bits that jammed the main sluice valve open thus rendering the watertight doors inoperatve. From recent exploration of the wreck it has been discovered that the fire in number 13 coal bunker is still smouldering fuelled in part by the oil leaking from the astern turbine.

Frank P
25th January 2007, 21:56
Oul Hand, was that you on the TV the other night, on that Titanic documentary with the Russian dive ship.

Cheers Frank(Thumb)

25th January 2007, 22:29
the last two waggons of coal bunkers for the Titanic were never loaded,after the Titanic sunk they were stored in a shed in Southhamton at present the musium have them stored and are available for private veiwing

25th January 2007, 22:55
I wouldn't buy it if I were you Marty.

It will be soaking wet and you will never get it to light. And what is worse, there will be bits of iceberg mixed up with it too - not to mention deckchairs. ;)


26th January 2007, 15:07
I can only say that its either way too early for alcohol this morning, or way too late from last night. Either way, I think a couple of you must be halucinating. ;)

John Briggs
26th January 2007, 19:43
You have to make sure you only buy the first class coal. The cabin class coal has a brownish tinge and has gone soggy. The first class coal on the other hand is soaked in the finest whiskey and burns very well with an appealing aroma.

26th January 2007, 21:44
dont get any stokehold coal, dont look good, covered in ashes mate

john shaw
26th January 2007, 22:51
If your steerage-class coal crackles with an interesting Irish-jig like lilt when you eventually get it dried out and lit, then it's phoney and is Hollywood Titanic coal

27th January 2007, 07:02
Yes John, I heard the coal used in the forrad fires nearest the first class passengers was of a much higher calorific value, therefore did not need to burn so much which in turn meant less clanking of shovels to disturb sleeping first class passengers. Watch your head! thast swinging lamp almost got you mate...LOL

jock paul
27th January 2007, 09:41
Is it true that the !st class coal refused to burn when mixed with 2nd class coal? I'm told it simply smouldered in indignation.

27th January 2007, 10:06
I think that you lot are suffering the after effects of the Rabbie Burns night oot.Too much malt and haggis!

27th January 2007, 10:14
nhp651. I think you are so right mate... LOl