some navigator eh!

28th April 2010, 09:58
read the following link from BBC news.
I dont know whether to laugh or cry at this one (EEK)

Thats another Story
28th April 2010, 10:18
is he trying to get a job on the shen neng 1(Jester)

28th April 2010, 10:46
Obviously a General Election ex-candidate!

28th April 2010, 10:47
fancy circling that island till he ran out of fuel. And the idiots all set to sail it to Southampton again!!

28th April 2010, 11:09
Let the train take the strain>>>>>>>>>>

28th April 2010, 13:30
Must have been a real cloudy day otherwise he might have used the sun.

Andrew Craig-Bennett
28th April 2010, 15:26
is he trying to get a job on the shen neng 1(Jester)

He might have benefitted from some Chinese technology - the mariner's compass!

28th April 2010, 15:51
Even a hand held GPS might have helped.

28th April 2010, 20:59
What do you think his chances are.....

28th April 2010, 23:20
Just wait till he tries to sail the Atlantic!

29th April 2010, 06:42
Even a hand held GPS might have helped.

Didn't need a compass, or GPS, he had a Road Map!(Applause)

29th April 2010, 15:33
All he had was a road map? tut, everyone knows you always bare left at an island, and never park on a double yellow Sea anemone.

Thats another Story
29th April 2010, 17:48
i wonder did he only have one arm(Jester)

29th April 2010, 19:05
When I used to fly in the 70/80's I was at Manchester airport one day and an Islander aircraft landed with an army parachute display team on board. The pilot had a road map and asked me to point out where Burnely or some such Lancs was. obviously good enough for them !!