Sea cadet in ship fall named (BBC News)

SN NewsCaster
4th May 2010, 16:30
A sea cadet who died after falling overboard in the Solent is named by police as a 14-year-old from Ashford, Kent.

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Donald McGhee
4th May 2010, 23:01
As an ex Cadet Force Officer my deepest sympathies go out to the family of the lad who fell from the rigging of "Royalist".

Accidents do happen and I dread to think what sort of hell the watch officer and those in authority will be subjected to by the Health and Safety police when the investigation is commenced.
If negligence was a factor then any responsible persons should be held to account, but I doubt that would be the case, as the SCC is a very safety concious body, especially when young folk are exposed to risk.

All precautions are taken to avoid accidents such as this and when you go down to sea in ships the chance of a mishap is always present, as ships are not like dry land and tend to "move" under you, as we all know, even when at anchor.
Heights are also a factor and if the young lad was not fitted with a harness or similar (can't see them not being so issued) the question needs to be asked.

I hope this will not see further restrictions being put on the SCC, as our lot here have been so deluged by Rules and Regs, PC jargon and the like that the adventure has been diluted to the extent it is more fun to cross the street!
Again my prayers go out to the family after this most unfortunate and sad event.