Three trawler wrecks

10th May 2010, 13:48
I'd be grateful if anyone could give me details of the following trawler losses:

SKART Foundered off Lundy, 26 Aug 1902
TRIUMPH Wrecked at Padstow, 23 Dec 1918
DORIS Sank after explosion and fire (position unknown), 7 Jan 1983

I assume that SKART and TRIUMPH should be in "Shipwreck Index of the British Isles", Vol.1 (which I don't have access to), while DORIS doesn't appear to be in the Index to Volumes 1-5 of the "Shipwreck Index", and neither is she in Vol.6 (Ireland).


28th May 2010, 09:56
Hi Barry

The Shipwreck Index says TRIUMPH, 48 tons, Milford Haven registered fishing ketch, was lost 19 november 1916 on Padstow's Doom Bar. SKART, 23 tons, foundered after springing a leak 26 August 1902 25 miles west north west of Lundy. Voyage Milford Haven and return, fishing, 7 crew. She's described as a Milford Haven registered sailing fishing vessel but the text describes her as having screw propulsion. No record of DORIS in the Shipwreck Index.

Dave W