Crossed the Bar

12th May 2010, 14:39
Just heard that Big Jim Nicol, aged 80, has crossed the bar. Some will remember him from their "Crinan" days. No further details at present.
Donald Campbell

12th May 2010, 14:55
sorry to hear that sailed with him on gleddoch kev.

Ian Brown
13th May 2010, 08:35
I sailed with him as a very green 3/O on the 'Bibi'
I have fond memories of him as a strict but fair Captain given to the occasional acts of kindness that I shall never forget.

13th May 2010, 08:45
May God rest him.
Condolences to his family

13th May 2010, 08:55
I am indeed sorry to hear the news he is remembered from my days as SM with Denholms,

Malky Glaister
13th May 2010, 11:11
I also sailed with Jim Nicol on the Bibi in 1968. I was apprentice engineer. He was strict alright and sometimes left you disalusioned with the job. Never did me any harm.
Sorry to hear of his passing.
regards Malky Glaister

14th May 2010, 14:57
Sailed with Big Jim first trip to sea on Crinan 1965, then again first trip 1st mate on Erskine Bridge 1975. Got on great with him.

14th May 2010, 22:39
Sailed with Big Jim on Bibi, 1970, strict but fair, an excellent shipmaster, was back to back with the late Ian Ramsay, I had the good fortune to sail with both gentlemen.

Malky Glaister
16th June 2010, 19:16
Notice of Big Jim's passing seems to have closed the J&J section down. Come on Lads,
regards Malky

31st July 2013, 10:07
I Sailed with this Geordie first on the Clarkeden in 1963, then as stand-by mate on the Inverewe, then on the BIBI alternating with Ian Ramsay in1971 ( this was when his baby daughter died as a result of cot death ). Jim was a firm but very fair master and could be very friendly. There were some monumental drinking sessions when in port. His wife Audrey was always very pleasant and chatty with my then wife. I haven't seen or heard of him for a very long time but I still miss the banter with him.