Anything known about these?

4th November 2005, 09:30
A sailing mate ( ex Vindicatrix) who doesn't have a computer , would like to know what became of these ships on which he served post WW2.
Rondo (Pelham SS. Co.)
Wellington Court,
Empire Seaman (later Burnhope),
Any information about former shipmates would be welcome.

Bruce Carson
4th November 2005, 12:48
Hello Allanc:

Empire Seaman (2), Wm.Gray & Co. Ltd, West Hartlepool, 1943, 2,905GT. 315' x 46'.
She became the 'Burnhope' (Burnett SS Co., Newcastle) in 1946.
Sold to N. Michalos & Sons Maritime Co., Greece in 1961 and renamed 'Antonios Michalos'.
She was scrapped in 1969 at Trieste after sustaining damage in a grounding.

There are a couple of 'Empire Seaman' crew member names on The British Merchant Navy board, but communication is by Email and if your friend doesn't have a computer, I'm not sure if that helps.

Bruce C.

4th November 2005, 23:20
Thanks for the information. I will be seeing my friend later today and will pass it on to him. I could perhaps follow up the e-mail contacts on his behalf. Thanks again,
Allan Collier

Dave Edge
5th November 2005, 06:44
There were two ships named "Rondo" owned by Pelton SS Co, the older seems more likely, built 1927 and sold in 1956. Renamed "Tourliani" and arrived Hamburg 22 June 1963 to be broken up.
The "Wellington Court" was sold in 1952 to Wheelock, Marden & Co., Hong Kong, and renamed "Wellington". 1954 converted to oil firing and in 1961, when 31 years old, converted to a motorship. 1968 sold South Korea, renamed "Pung Juen". Broken up at Inchon 1969.

5th November 2005, 11:07
Thanks Dave,
I shall pass this on to my friend Bill Hughes. who served on Rondo, later on the others. He was also on Empire Seaman, later Burnhope, now as 3rd Mate and later on Wellington Court. He will be delighted to hear what became of these ships in later years. Bill now has a yacht named Rondo, which we regularly sail on Corio Bay at Geelong,
Kind regards,
Allan Collier

5th November 2005, 11:08
What a great system this is!
Allan Collier

1st June 2006, 08:33
there were two Empire Seaman one built W M Gray sons the other built by Schiffed D.K. Flender sunk by U96 then block ship English Channel 4-12-40

1st June 2006, 20:03
Hi Alan

If you go to the below site, you will see pictures of a ship called Findon, she was the Rondo, sold and renamed. There are also pictures of her as the Rondo, built in 1956.

Kind regards

Chris Allman.