Hardware ID

Rob H.
22nd May 2010, 01:14
I'm trying to identify an old piece of hardware that some have suggested might be part of an old ship, please let me know if you recognize it:


It's about 8" long.

Thanks for taking a look.

22nd May 2010, 01:35
good one.
Ok Just my guess. The serrated part fits round a mast and a jib fitted into the two flat parts on the left. the three rings kept it all in line. One forrard and one to each bow point.
Just my guess though!

22nd May 2010, 04:28
I reckon its off a ship that transported convicts from England to Australia.Agree with billyboy - serrated around the mast - and the three rings to hold the men (or gals) in leg irons for containment when they saw Sydney for the first time.
That was before Monty's though!

Rob H.
23rd May 2010, 03:32
Thanks for the replies, just found out that it's a three ring serreta, for use on a horse, it's missing its leather cover.

Thats another Story
23rd May 2010, 05:54
i would have thought MISTRESS ELEFF would have known what it was to go with her whip(Jester)(Jester)