Ode to the Bankline

Alan Rawlinson
2nd June 2010, 21:50

Our hearts ache, and the vivid memory flares,
The ships and line have finally moved on
names borne over a hundred years,
all now have gone, gone, - gone
Ah, the heady days, the joy, the shoreside trips,
the range of ports the calls of commerce,
the voyages completed despite the weather
This magic mix ,
inspires this sailor's mournful verse,
because our lives were surely changed forever.

( with apologies to John Keats, - Ode to a Nightingale)

2nd June 2010, 22:34
well said Alan,missed you,have you been away on hols?

John Dryden
2nd June 2010, 22:50
Nice one Allan, or should I say the Bank Line Bard!Your small verse certainly packs a punch and anyway Keats never sailed with Bank Line,though I guess if he had he,d have loved it.

Alan Rawlinson
3rd June 2010, 06:29
Thanks Guys...

Jim, No, I have been reading you, but felt all SN'd out. Hence the urge for a bit of verse!

3rd June 2010, 07:37
Alas, Alan, what you are saying so poetically is, we are getting a little bit old. But the memories are lingering on.

Alan Rawlinson
5th December 2011, 12:41
Another burst of poetic thinking - started out as a Xmas one, but got carried away!

Bankline Lament - Xmas 2011

Islands, rivers,creeks and canals
we saw them all ,- the Hooghly too,
Faced the bugs, the hot sweet tea, the curry treats,
Bromboro dock - that strange sweet smell that cloys
of soap and oil, and throbbing pumps
we are the Bankline boys!

The people of the world we met
brown and black, are open, kind, and often poor
they taught us humans, keep your poise
be fair, be strong, and enjoy it all
A lesson learned by the Bankline boys!

Samba, tango and island beats
they give the seal to country visits
Strange bars, and happier places
moments of gladness, often fries,
Monday grill, did they clean the fridge?,
we are the hungry Bankline boys!

Now its late, but never fear
we have the images, the web, and more
shipmates still steaming with serenity
play with all those digital toys
taking up the time thats left
we are the modern Bank line boys...

Andrew Weir , he did us proud
built the ships and built the trades
a tangle of routes, tramp and liner
all steaming to the marker buoys
plus many places with mooring puzzles for
the ever grateful Bank line boys!

Alan Rawlinson

Alan Rawlinson
5th April 2012, 13:26

It doesn't seem so long ago,
the winches hissing, clanking, in the snow
A lovely smell of warmed up oil and steam,
and Copra resting on the beams.

Hoses, cables, boards, and battens,
strewn around in a random pattern.
There was nothing quite like a Bank Line ship
home at last, from a 2 year trip.

See the cabins, mostly white
narrow bunks and quilts tucked tight,
Then the tea, thick and treackly
brought by stewards, ever so meekly

An alien world, but it should be known,
some of us, we called it home.
Soon we would get our dearest wish
sailing off to the flying fish.