Onboard the QM2

26th June 2010, 23:18
From my Facebook page...


27th June 2010, 04:26

I know it seems hard to believe in this day and age, but not everyone has a Facebook account. I don't, and I am sure that is the case for many of our members. Consequently, we will not see your QM2 material without opening a Facebook account.

If you are directing us towards pictures of QM2, you can easily upload them into our Gallery and any articles which you have written can also be pasted into an appropriate SN thread.

Thanks. (Thumb)

28th June 2010, 21:37
Gotcha! I didn't realise that you wouldn't be able to see them unless you had a facebook A/C.

I'll put them in the gallery. :)

28th June 2010, 21:41

Much obliged.(Thumb)
I'm sure we will enjoy your photographs. (Applause)

8th July 2010, 20:37
Just got a job with carnival uk..conditional on my orals. Could be an officer on this baby one day lol